What are Topzels?

Topzels are a brand new pretzel concept that transforms the familiar ready-to-eat snack that we know and love into a versatile topping and inclusion that can be used in a wide variety of fun ways.  We produce Topzels by grinding and sifting normal pretzels resulting in much smaller bits and then use our unique process to infuse various delicious flavors into each little bit.  So, with Topzels you can add not only amazingly robust flavor to virtually anything – but also a crunch!

A big part of the fun of Topzels is discovering how you can use them. Use some of our suggestions or come up with your own. Let your imagination go wild and share your discoveries on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To get an even better idea, see this short video……

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What do you top with Topzels?

Sprinkle a burst of Cinnamon Brown Sugar or Salted Caramel flavor and pretzel crunch onto (or into!) your favorite dishes & desserts—and be ready to say WOW!!

Top Everything!

Ice Cream! Cupcakes!

Tossed Salad! Yogurt! Jello!

Baked Potato! Fish! Chicken!

Hot Dogs! Popcorn!

Roasted Marshmallows!

Soup! Oatmeal! Chocolate!


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